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Card and Stamp Drive
The Sunshine Committee has been a very welcome success. We have had several responses from members who greatly appreciated knowing the club was thinking about them during their difficult time.
We will continue the drive for cards and stamps for the Sunshine Committee. If you find or come across a card (or a bunch of cards) you think would be nice for the committee to use, please pick them up and mail them to Dawn. We can use cards expressing sympathy for a lost pet, lost loved one, and get well cards. If you can pick up a book of stamps along with the card, that would also be greatly appreciated.
If you wish to donate cards and/or stamps, please contact Dawn Leatherbarrow Turner:

Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Committee wishes to offer support to those members of our Dogue de Bordeaux family in need due to the loss of a pet or family member, illness, surgery, etc.
If you know of anyone who has lost a pet, a family member, illness, or any reason you think they might need a smile, please contact  Dawn Leatherbarrow Turner at

Thanks a bunch for your help with this!
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