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It's here, it's here!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

The official 2019 National logo has arrived and we're so excited! It seems like just yesterday we were discussing how great it was to see everyone in Arizona and here we are in the middle of planning Columbus. Time sure does zoom by! No worries though, we're actually ahead of schedule on our 2019 planning phase. Watch for logo merchandise coming soon!

Speaking of time, can you guess who our sweeps judge is for this year? This person made history with their incredible dogue and helped pave the way for many others to come! First person with the correct answer before it's announced gets a free lottery egg that can be claimed anytime during the National events!

Made your reservations yet or thought about sponsoring an award? A sponsorship can be a great way to get a half or full page ad for your very best dogue or dogues! Watch for the list, it's coming out soon!

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24. jul. 2019

Who is our Sweeps Judge? Contest won by Jennifer Roberts! The answer is Jenn Doyle!

Jenn and Jade did amazing things together not only in the confirmation ring but also the working ring! Jade was definitely a working Dogue!!

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